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Thank you for visiting Oxbow Sulphur Online. As you view our information, we hope you will want to know more about us. Please direct inquiries to the office nearest you:

Oxbow Sulphur Canada ULC
Suite 1020, 606 4th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2P 1T1
Tel: +403.264.8954
Fax: +403.264.3935
Email: oxbowsulphurcanada@oxbow.com

Oxbow Sulphur & Fertiliser Sarl, Luxembourg, Fribourg Branch
Rue du Simplon 13
1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Tel: +41.26.5500700
Fax: +41.26.5500701
Email: osf-switzerland@oxbow.com

Oxbow Sulphur Inc.
1450 Lake Robbins Drive
Suite 500
The Woodlands, Texas 77380
P: +1.281.907.9500
F: +1.281.907.9400
Email: oxbowsulphur@oxbow.com